Thursday, 12 March 2009

Hope everyone likes their presents.

It has been one of those boring days already. So much that needed to be done and all BORING!!!!. (Just having 5 minutes break now before Noah wakes up from his nap and I have to get the hoover out)

Washing, putting washing away, clean the bathroom, clean the kitchen, plant some seeds, set up some water in the new fish tank, sweeping, dusting, dull, dull,dull. (And to top it all one of the kids in the street has his car radio blasting while he's tinkering on the drive).

I can't wait till this some really interesting beading work at the mo. I have been having a run on commission pieces with the run up to Mother's Day. Just finished a midnight blue version of the Twirly Whirly Charm Bracelet, and a cute little charmed memory wire bracelet. As well as a pressie for my own MUM.

But I am also working on my most expensive commission piece so far, a 40th birthday present for a friends mum. Its the first time I've actually sketched out (very roughly) ideas based on their requests etc, and sourced to a design rather than just working organically with what I've got to hand. I hope this is the first of many to come. I'll post a pic of the finished item when I can. (I am still waiting for a couple of bits)

Got to think of a reason to get out of the house tomorrow to save me from housework..........Oh,
I know, there will be a glorious trip to the supermarket with a 17month old in tow to get the stuff for the dinner party for 6 I am cooking on Sat night. Damn it, better get the cook books out and decide what to make.
My life......thrilling?

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